Adolf Luther

(1912 – 1990 in Krefeld, Germany)

Adolf Luther was a German artist principally known for being one of the first creators of kinetic and optical sculpture. His work is characterized by his use of convex lenses and mirrors positioned in arrays. His art often features rows of repeating environments displayed through the refraction of light at different angles. Born on April 25, 1912 in Uerdingen, Germany, he began studying law in Cologne in 1938. However, his education was interrupted by his enlistment into Nazi military service and subsequent capture. Following his return to Germany as an American-held prisoner of war, he developed an interest in painting and delved into exploring the phenomenon of light throughout his work. In 1974, he abandoned Color field painting and started sculpturing. This change of technique marked a crossroads in his career, where he built the first of the optical, kinetic sculptures that would constitute the focus of his studio practice thereafter. He died in 1990 in Krefeld, Germany.