Cortesi Gallery Artissima Torino 2016

Artissima 2016

4 – 6 Novembre 2016

Artista: Gianfranco Pardi.

For the section Back to the future at Artissima 2016, Cortesi Gallery proposes a monographic exhibition of the italian artist Gianfranco Pardi (Milan 1933-2012), focusing on his artistic production of the 70s and 80s. Since an early stage of his practice Gianfranco Pardi’s research on space and constructive design gave life to works of great formal rigor, characterized by the integration of drawing, painting and sculpture in an architectural breathing space dimension.
The stand of Cortesi Gallery will propose a selection of some of the most representative works made by the artist during these two decades of production: from the 70s until the latest works of the 80s. The stand will show his well known “Architetture” (Architectures), where Pardi uses steel cables and rods on a painted acrylic canvas,  “Finestra” (Window),  1977, and his exceptional “Sistema” (System), 1976: a spherical shape assembled using three different media as wood, canvas and iron.
The next step of his production of works can be exemplified with the series of “Diagonali” (Diagonals), 1979, where Pardi tries to methodically deconstruct the image and avoid the use of any compositional element reaching the conquest of a formal balance in his works and acquiring a more lyrical dimension.
In the 80s works as “Casa” (House), 1980 and “Museo” (Museum), 1982 testify his research to a semplification of forms, a complete disarticulation of compositional elements in a result of a more genuine expression of space.
The selection of Pardi’s works of these two decades, aim to highlight his trademark and his continuous research of interpreting and representing space. Starting from his “tridimentional” works of the ‘70s, ending with the synthesis of shapes and colors of the ’80, he combined the artistic traditional painting of Italian Renaissance to unusual materials and techniques expressing his avant-garde and unique vision.