Cortesi Gallery, Lugano

Art on Paper. Group Exhibition

2 September – 31 October 2019
Special event: 18 September, 6 – 8.30 pm

Cortesi Gallery LUGANO is pleased to announce its new exhibition Art on Paper: Group Exhibition.
The selection of works wants to present a collection of pieces sharing the same material support: the paper.

Together with the Ivan Picelj’s serigraphs, evidence of the pivotal work practiced by the artist as a graphic during his life, a section of the show will be dedicated to the contemporary Anglo-Chinese artist Angela Lyn.
By using the rice charcoal on transparent paper, Lyn will present the series cedaring. From the natural movements of the cedar branches and leaves, a combination of black and white forms fluctuate across the paper revealing the shapes of this floating beauty.
This vision of Lyn’s natural world, perceived and expressed by her poetic gesture, is presented in a close connection with the systematic and encyclopedic herman de vries’ oeuvre, represented by the earth rubbings: earths from different territories rub with his bare hands on paper, a specific language and technique which has characterised his artistic path from 1975, when nature began to work its way into artist’s practice.

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